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    Messerschmitt Bf109 G-10 02409

    The proportional model:1:24
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    Product introduction:
           By 1944, the Luftwaffe was caught in a vicious cycle. More air war meant more losses as well as a basic need for more aircraft and pilots. More loses meant more pilots needed. In an attempt to increase the speed of the Bf 109G, the DB 605D engine was developed. Similar to the DB 605AS, the DB 605D's supercharger was increased in size, and again, the compression ratio was increased as well as the displacement. The MW 50 boost was retained, and as a result, the G-10 was the fastest of the entire G series. Standard equipment for the G-10 was the FuG 25a IFF, a DF loop, the tall wooden tail, the erla haube canopy, and the FuG 16ZY with the Moranne mast under the left wing. The DB 605D employed the refined cowling, enlarged supercharger intake, deeper oil cooler, and wider propeller blades all of which appeared on the G-14AS. One further difference in the appearance of the G-10 was the addition of two bulges on either side of the lower cowling resulting from enlarged oil sumps and camshaft covers. Some production models of the G-10 received wings with the normal size wheel well bulges and tires of the G-6/14 type. These aircraft also had the long shaft, fixed tail wheel and no external trim tabs on the rudder. The extended length tail wheel was another attempt to help the pilot see over the cowl and give a better angle of attack during take-off. 
    Item No    02409
    Item Name    Messerschmitt Bf109 G-10
    Bar Code    n/a
    Scale    1:24
    Item Type    Static Aircraft
    Model Brief    Length:377 mm Wingspan: 411 mm
    Total Parts    260pcs
    Photo Etched Parts    Aileron & Flap hinges
    Film Parts    Instrument part
    Total Sprues    12pcs + 3pcs rubber tires
    Paint Schemes    Bf 109G-10, “Black <<”, of Stab I./JG3, CO Oblt. Seidl
    Released Date    
    More Features    Aileron & Flap shaft