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NanLong Industrial Park,SanXiang,

ZhongShan,GuangDong, China



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2016-08 Product update

The publisher:TRUMPETER   Release time:2016-06-30 Browse the number:17145


German Type VIIC U-Boat U-552

Item No.: 06801   Scale: 1:48 

Mig-27M Flogger J

Item No.: 05803   Scale: 1:48 

Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon (Prototype NO.2011)

Item No.: 01665   Scale: 1:72 

Soviet KV-7 (Object 227)

Item No.: 09504   Scale: 1:35

Kazakhstan Army BMPT

Item No.: 09506   Scale: 1:35 

Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor

Item No.: 07120   Scale: 1:72