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2022-08 Product update

The publisher:TRUMPETER   Release time:2022-06-24 Browse the number:10896


Z-19 Light Scout/Attack Helicopter 

Item No.: 05819  Scale: 1:48

Soviet Obj.172 T-72 Ural

Item No.: 09601  Scale: 1:35

Russian T-72B1 with KTM-6 & Grating Armour

Item No.: 09609  Scale: 1:35

DKM O Class Battlecruiser Barbarossa

Item No.: 05370  Scale: 1:350

USS Hawaii CB-3

Item No.: 06740  Scale: 1:700

MAZ-537G intermediate type with MAZ/ChMZAP 5247G semi-trailer

Item No.: 07194  Scale: 1:72