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2020-09 Product update

The publisher:TRUMPETER   Release time:2020-07-31 Browse the number:10452


Italian Navy Battleship RN Vittorio Veneto 1940

Item No.: 05320  Scale: 1:350 

Soviet 2B7 Multiple Rocket Launcher BM-13 NM

Item No.: 01075  Scale: 1:35

Soviet 5P71 Launcher with 5V27 Missile Pechora (SA-3B Goa) Rounds Loaded

Item No.: 02353  Scale: 1:35

German 5cm FLAK 41

Item No.: 02350  Scale: 1:35

Soviet SMK Heavy Tank

Item No.: 09584  Scale: 1:35

Soviet T-10A Heavy Tank

Item No.: 07153  Scale: 1:72