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2018-11 Product update

The publisher:TRUMPETER   Release time:2018-09-29 Browse the number:16588


2P16 Launcher with Missile of 2k6 Luna (FROG-5)

Item No.: 09545  Scale: 1:35

Aero L-39MS/L-59 Super Albatros

Item No.: 05806  Scale: 1:48 

USS Constellation CV-64

Item No.: 06715   Scale: 1:700

Russian KV-9 Heavy Tank

Item No.: 09563  Scale: 1:35

Soviet SU-102 Tank Destroyer

Item No.: 09570  Scale: 1:35

Russian T-62 BDD Mod.1984 (Mod.1972 modification)

Item No.: 07148  Scale: 1:72