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2017-05 Product update

The publisher:TRUMPETER   Release time:2017-03-31 Browse the number:15813


Russian T-90S MODERNIZED(Mod2013)

Item No.: 09524  Scale: 1:35

 BTM-3 High-Speed Trench Digging Vehicle
Item No.: 09502

German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Peter Strasser

Item No.: 05628   Scale: 1:350

 German E-50 (50-75 tons)/Standardpanzer

Item No.: 07123   Scale: 1:72


German King Tiger (Henschel turret) with 105mm kwk L/65

Item No.: 07160   Scale: 1:72

Russian KV-2 with 107mm zis-6

Item No.: 07162   Scale: 1:72